Monday, March 22, 2010

Flight Plan to prep for dinner party

Oh my, do Ihave a busy day today! We have friends coming over for dinner tonight. I'm making a spaghetti bolognase (one of my favorite meals) – I meant to make the sauce yesterday, but didn't have a chance. The house is a mess, I just finished last week's laundry yesterday, and today is Monday, typically my most office-productive day of the week! So I have a schedule to keep on-task, at least mostly, and we'll see how this goes. My plan, for each hour:

  • 0:00: laundry
  • 0:10: kitchen/prep dinner
  • 0:20: cleaning
  • 0:30: strategic planning (office)
  • 0:40: office work
  • 0:50: break
Then start all over again. We'll see how it goes … maybe I'll come back here and comment on how things are going at my breaks.

12:00 update
After the morning, I have a few revisions.  First, ten minutes goes FAST!  It keeps me moving, which is great for housework. But 10 minutes is NOT enough to sit down and stay focused on work; it can take that long to get me focused sometimes.  I think I'm done with my "strategic planning" stuff for today anyway.  Also, a 10 minute break isn't quite enough since I've been getting on the computer and can read 1 article or so, do a little (not much) Twitter, then the timer goes again.

So I am taking a lunch break now, and have a revised afternoon plan:

0:00 laundry
0:10 kitchen/DR/living room prep for dinner tonight
0:25 office/work: I have a "to do" stack next to my keyboard!
0:45 break: and don't go on twitter every hour!!! :P


  1. After 30 minutes: changed sheets on bed and crib; removed changing pad cover (new one in washer). Sorted laundry, first load in washer. Emptied dishes and got veggies out to cut next hour.

  2. 20 minutes of work didn't seem to go so well ... I had trouble figuring out where to start. But now I think I have a better plan, sent an e-mail for my strategic planning session, and worked on a client letter. Will finish that up next hour.

  3. My "hourly" plan didn't go as well this hour b/c spent more than 10 minutes cooking -- was getting the spaghetti sauce on the stove and needed that time! Still, folded some laundry, sauce is simmering away, cleaned a little and did some trash, and finished client letter.

  4. ooh that sounds entriguing.. can you send me the recipe? I have never heard of that dish before.

  5. oh and good job on the FLYING!!!! I got alot done today too.. was beginning to feel alot like cinderella at my house tonight.. family of 8 and seem to be the one doing all the work around here. Mom gets sick and house falls apart and dishes pile up... so irritating..