Sunday, April 15, 2012


... well, maybe a little.  I made a temporary fruit bowl out of a colander I wasn't using, and it's stuffed full after my trip to Aldi last night.  There's a bag of potatoes and onions on there as well.  I suppose I'll need to plan to have some baked good on there as well. The cinnamon rolls are gone, but now there's a cake that Picasso baked yesterday.  But I had room on there last night to prepare last night's dinner (curry) and tonight's (pot roast).  And I have the crock pot on there with dinner cooking now.   Did I mention I love my crock pot?

Today has not started well.  Cassatt ended up in bed with us (again) but was trying to crawl to the floor at 5:30 so I put him in his crib.  Then Picasso came in, and was somewhere between playing in the living room and climbing on us until we pulled ourselves out of bed at 7.  Usually Picasso is good at playing by himself, he can stay occupied for hours with his trains or blocks.  But his trains are put away now (I suppose I'll have to get them out) and we discovered that he had drawn on the arms of the couch and chairs this morning.  Pen marks everywhere.  Daddy wanted to clean it up immediately so the pen marks wouldn't set in; I wanted Picasso to clean it all up.  After about 30 minutes of wet-noodle Picasso, he won out, and went to bed. At least he's in bed now, sleeping I think.  And daddy won out, he cleaned up 5 of the arms.  There is one left for Picasso to do, he'll get to work on it again after he gets up and has breakfast.

Today I plan to get caught up on laundry, get back to cloth diapers for Cassatt.  Then I think I will work on cleaning up the bedroom (when Cassatt's not sleeping) and my office (when he is).  And maybe post about the Yogurt Cake.

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  1. Woo hoo!!! So glad you're back! :D I'm hoping to get back to Twitter/Blogging this week too!!